2094 Mixtape  

Release Date: July 10th 

Wddddup Wdddup! Ya boy is back with a new exciting project! Let me take you on this journey as I tap into my experience back in 1994 and give it a makeover. I really didn’t wanna remix or reproduce the classics but I thought I would give it a go by sampling some familiar loops, challenging myself to make it fresh and interesting. That is why I am calling this mixtape “2094”. Not only am I producing the beats, I am spittin some verses which I haven’t done in a long time, with some company to help me capture the vibe. 

features include: Dug Infinite, Viazeen, Dags Music, Kevin Ray, Ivan aka Urban Action Figure, YSOSERIOUZ?, Aki Starr, Stahyl, Stacks, and Artson. Shout out to Servin Ervin for the artwork! Enjoy!!!!

*Gear used for 2094 Mixtape 

DAW- Pro Tools 11 

Sampler- Maschine MK 3 

DJ Controller- Native Instruments S4 MK3 

Plug Ins- Serato Sample, Xpand, Waves, UAD 

Monitors- Yamaha HS8 

Computer- Macbook Pro Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014 

Audio Interface- Universal Audio Apollo Twin USB DUO 

Mic- Audio-Technica AT2020  

Headphones- Beats Pro/All Black 

Keyboard- Korg microKORG Synthesizer with Vocoder